Forward Progress for a Youth Football Program

Optimist Youth Football had a dated logo and a need to tell the story of the evolution of a long-running and beloved Treasure Valley youth sports program, and turned to us for a strategic and creative plan.

Our x’s and o’s included a combination of digital advertising, outdoor advertising, and both a website and logo revamp. This plan delivered the important messages of benefits over uncertainty. We’re talking a target audience of Moms. Edging out Dad in being the most influential in youth sports participation sign-up, we were tasked with letting Moms know that Optimist was not only beneficial and fun, but also safe. We turned the focus from blocking and tackling to teamwork, leadership, camaraderie, friendship and life’s lessons.

Move over, old-school big boy.
New school is here.
Outdoor Billboards: Memorable images and messaging, delivered lightning-quick
Digital Ads: Driving interest and online sign ups
Print Collateral: School fliers reaching directly to Mom (and Dads) spelled out the details and the sell
The growth has been significant. In 2020, during COVID, we helped OYF launch its new Flex Flag football program (a bridge between flag football and tackle football). And in 2024, we helped launch OYF’s new Girls Flag leagues. And we can’t wait to see those numbers grow.

“Hope you know how much we attribute a major reason for this growth to you and your team. You helped us realize what it would take to compete in today’s high-tech world and more importantly, helped us re-focus on being better each and every day. Thank you.”
Jerron Moore, Optimist Youth Football